Kidichi Persian Baths

The Persian Baths at Kidichi are located northeast of Stone Town,about 4 kms inland from the main coast road, in the main plantation area of the island.

They were built in 1850 by Sultan Said who owned land nearby.

He and his second wife, Binte Irich Mirza (also called Schesade or Sherazade), would come here for hunting excursions and to oversee the work on their plantations. The bath-house was built so they could refresh themselves after the journey from town.
Because Schesade was granddaughter to the Shah of Persia, the baths were built in the typical Persian style of the time, with significant decorative stucco work and an underground furnace to keep the bath water warm.
Unfortunately, the bath-house has not been well maintained, and mould grows on much of the beautiful stucco work. The domed ceiling contains a circle of small windows that used to be stained glass and would cast beautiful light patterns over the white walls. Today, you can enter the bath-house, and see the changing room, bathing pool and massage tables.