Serengeti – Ngorongoro –Manyara –Tarangire – Arusha

These five national parks are located in northwestern Tanzania. They are spectacular and unique. When you visit these parks you will see a wide variety of wildlife species; including lions,leopard,cheetah,elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, and many others. Also in these parks you will see things found nowhere else in the world. Maasai Tribe people live in villages in the Ngorongoro Park, raising goats and cattle surrounded by wild and dangerous animals. There are hot springs used for medicinal purposes. With African Stork Tours and Safaris’ guides you can be assured that you will have an amazing and memorable adventure when visiting these parks.

Mikumi – Ruaha – Selous- Saadani

These national parks are found in southern Tanzania and are part of what is called the southern circuit. A tour of Tanzania is not complete without visiting these parks, which are becoming more and more popular. Wildlife species found in these parks include elephants, lions, water buffalo, leopards, rhinos and many others. When you visit these parks with African Stork Tours and Safaris you will enjoy the best accommodations and services and will be assured of a memorable experience.

Mountain Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is located in Tanzania. Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano. There are a number of different routes to the peak of the mountain, some long and some short. Long routes, including Lomosho route, require 6 to 7 days to climb to the top. The shortest route, the Umbwe route takes 3 to 4 days to reach the top. Other mountains in Tanzania include Meru, Oldonyo, Lengai and Usambara. African Storks Tour and Safaris’ experienced guides will assure that your climb will be both safe and memorable.

Beautiful Beaches

Tanzania, Zanzibar and other islands along the eastern coast of Africa are blessed with year round sunshine and a balmy climate of around 30 degrees centigrade. Located a few hours flying time from Tanzania’s northern parks and a mere 45 minutes from the southern parks, a trip to Tanzania is not complete without a visit to the beach. These are without a doubt the best beaches in Africa and African Stork Tours and Safaris will make all the arrangements and assure that you have the beach vacation of your dreams.