Amboni Caves in are located about 8 km north of Tanga. The Amboni sereis of caves were formed naturally and are believed to have been formed during the Jurassic Age some 150 million years ago, are the most extensive cave system in East Africa. According to researchers the area was under water some 20 million years ago, and it is estimated to extend over an area of 234 square kilometers.

Local people have used the caves as a sacred place for anything up to 600 years, and what appear to be ancient paintings of animal footprints can be seen in some areas, although it is not clear how these were created. The caves certainly have strong significance with the local people, and there are chambers within the caves which are treated as sacred and reserved for worshipping.
One of them is called “Mzimu wa Mabavu”, which some believe is the home of a powerful deity who can increase wealth, bring justice, alleviate sickness & sufferings and increase fertility. Bottles with perfumes, oil or blood from sacrificed goats or chicken can be seen at the entrance of the chamber